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January Blues

So, here we are again, the start of a brand-New Year and for me the start of my brand-new blogging journey! Needless to say, as with the beginning of a new year, I am writing this blog full of hopes and dreams. I hope that I can give you, the readers, some words of wisdom, optimism and encouragement for the year ahead.

A new year for most people means; new year’s resolutions, setting goals or tasks for the year ahead, leaving the past behind and beginning again, a fresh start! However, it is inevitable that for some of us we may experience “January Blues” this month, especially after all the hype of Christmas and New Year. I am here to tell you the it is OK if you are feeling low, you are not alone!

Yes, the New Year does signal a time for new beginnings but for many there is a serious dip in positivity during this time. January blues are a real-life medical condition resulting from a combination of factors including; low after the Christmas period, debt (in relation to ability to pay back), failed new year’s resolutions, lack of motivation and the weather. January blues is a situational depression and is associated with how we think and feel. The January Blues can last for a number of weeks and tend to subside after “Blue Monday”, the gloomiest Monday of the whole year, which this year is set to fall on Monday the 21st January.

Here are a few things I practice when I am feeling blue;

1. Fresh air – go for a 10-minute walk in the fresh air… get outside! I love being outside!

2. Take a break – make yourself a cup of tea/coffee… & what is a cuppa without a treat!

3. Get creative – focus your mind on something creative, think outside the box & set yourself a challenge.

4. Talk to family/friends – talk about how you are feeling with a family member or friend… this can work wonders & may even help you realise… you are not alone!

5. Relax – do whatever helps you relax, unwind & take your mind off things… somethings I like to do; mindfulness/meditation, yoga, go for a run or read a book.

6. Netflix – if all else fails… Netflix it is!

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