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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you are like me and finding it very hard to believe that we are already in March and this is my third blog! I can almost taste the sun, sea and sand between my toes! I hope you all managed to be a little kinder to yourselves during February… fear not, I am here to help and I have an idea that may or may not help!

Today, in modern society, we are susceptible to an ever-changing, fast-paced world where we find ourselves vulnerable to the content of other people’s lives, beliefs and values, which flood through our phones and therefore our brains, often on a daily basis. As a result, we constantly compare our lives to the lives of all those around us, be they real life friends or internet friends. We go through routines that we may or may not like - without ever considering if it is getting us closer to where we want to be. But how often do we take time to slow down and really consider our thoughts? Too often we go to bed with our thoughts, predominantly negative, running wild, our minds buzzing with ideas, that are often forgotten about in the morning.

Enter - The Journal

Journaling can be one of the best tools for success and the more basic the better. If you are brand new to journaling I recommend starting with positive thoughts under three headings;

-Yesterday I enjoyed/am glad that… -Today I am excited for… -Three things I am grateful for…

It is that simple!

Wake up every morning, reach for your journal and pen and start the day with some positive thoughts. Even if you had a terrible day the day before, hopefully you will be able to find some good part of the day. Same if you are dreading the day ahead for whatever reason.

Practicing gratefulness is a powerful tool to ground yourself and appreciate what you have. Sometimes you might find yourself struggling for things to be grateful for, but being grateful for simple things i.e. your morning coffee, or having a roof over your head and it is OK to be grateful for material things too. As long as you are being genuine to yourself.

When you become more experienced with journaling, you may find you become more comfortable writing freehand, writing about your thoughts, both positive and negative. This can help you examine your thoughts and block out all the unnecessary stuff you might have going on. It will bring clarity and it might even help identify areas of your life that you want to make changes to.

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