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What is your gift?

Did you know that there are things that you can do that only you can do?

One of the most difficult things to overcome when it comes to thinking about this is not being able to identify those things that we are truly awesome at ourselves and hence my reason for this month’s blog, as I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that whether or not you know what they are or you can identify them or not,

you are already doing them!

You do the things only you can do without even realizing. You have a combination of values, gifts, strengths, skills, experiences and memories that nobody else has and that makes you uniquely qualified for so much more than you can or will ever give yourself credit for.

This takes me back to my previous blog on self-compassion ( and how we are so good at identifying other people’s strengths and saying nice, kind things to others but we find it so difficult when it comes to doing the same for ourselves.

Can you guess these are the things that come most naturally to you?

Chances are you don't really pay that much attention because you feel like it must be the same for everybody around you. Often the things that come really easy to us are usually pretty difficult for a lot of people around us and that can be one sign of trying to figure this out but you don't need to know your gift, strength and values in order for them to show up in your life, the things only you can do are showing up in every facet of your life whether you know it or not.

For me, I really struggled with this one, but I didn’t give up! Instead I took some time to journal about this topic and perhaps this is something that you too might also consider doing and if you need some advice on journaling then see my previous blog on this topic which can be found here;

So, whenever you hear this idea of; “do the things only you can do” and how you have values and strength that nobody else has, remember that there are things only you can do and that you have a unique brilliance that you can offer and add to this world in your own unique way.

Rather than getting fixated on trying to figure out what they are, trust that they are already showing up, trust that they will make themselves known overtime and know that you are already having more of a mark on the world than you know so keep that in mind as you go about each day.

Remember just how truly awesome and amazing you are!

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